Our Investment Management Process

We put our clients’ needs above everything else by being loyal, dedicated, and focused on customer service.

Our mission is simple - to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Our holistic investment management approach starts with your dreams and wishes.

The Patriot Difference

How We Help

We define success as our ability to help you to achieve the things that are financially important to you. For us, personal financial management starts by defining and documenting goals and desires. With you, we develop a living plan to ensure your progress toward achieving those things. 

Why is that so important? If we can clearly understand what your investments need to provide, we can then construct a diversified portfolio that may address those needs. We strive to accomplish goals and provide a tangible connection showing you where your income will come from: that’s how we measure success and that’s what we feel makes us different.

We align your life goals
with reality-based financial advice

Patriot Advisory Group is in the business of listening first and advising second. We are all about ensuring that you secure your life goals. You’ll notice right away that our unique approach makes us different from all other financial institutions and advisors out there.

Patriot Advisory Group

How it works

At Patriot Advisory Group we put our clients’ needs above everything else by being loyal, dedicated and focused on customer service. Our process is a 6-step process that is transparent and easy to follow.

Take the First Step

Investment Management How it Works

Initial Consultation

During this free initial phone or virtual consultation we will discuss what you would like to accomplish and how we can help. We will detail the planning process, our background and services we provide.

Let's Get Started

Once you agree to the scope of the financial planning engagement, PAG will begin to gather information and discuss your needs, priorities and goals. Some of the items we’ll discuss is risk tolerance and your exposure to longevity, economic, liability and health-care risks.


We will analyze the strengths and vulnerabilities of your current financial situation and course of action.

Develop Planning Recommendations

PAG develops recommendations to help meet your goals, explaining the assumptions that are used to develop the plan and offer alternatives.

Investment Management

Putting the Investment Management Plan into Action

Now it is time to put the plan into action. If your planning agreement includes implementation and monitoring, you will need a timeline for implementation, as well as details defining what will be monitored and how often, and when the recommendations will be updated.

Investment Management

Ongoing Collaboration

This is a collaborative process. You will need to work together to review the performance and progress of the plan through time. When there are changes in your personal circumstances that may call for adjustments to your plan. PAG will provide ongoing support, guidance and education.


Explore Investment Management Solutions

Patriot Advisory Group is a global asset manager utilizing a dynamic investment approach with uncommon transparency. Whether you are looking for the world in one account or need a specific asset class strategy, Patriot provides flexible, risk-managed solutions.

Financial & Estate Planning

Create a Plan Aligning Your Purpose and Goals with Market Reality.

Social Security Strategy

Baby Boomers are facing a complex decision, how to maximize their Social Security benefits.


Ready to Get Started?

Receive a complimentary financial assessment and next step advising from one of our experienced and talented advisors. While we're committed to offering you good direction, there's no commitment on your part.
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