During the retirement planning distribute phase, we work with you to ensure you have enough income to maintain your standard of living in retirement.

Retirement Planning Distribute Phase

Retirement Planning Distribute Phase
Peace of Mind that Your Money will Last

The retirement planning distribute phase of the financial planning life cycle can last 25-30 years! So the primary objective is to create an income stream you cannot outlive.  With the decreasing availability of pensions, retirees must plan  on creating the income needed throughout retirement themselves. Most will rely on Social Security benefits and proper planning with their retirement assets.  A blend of systematic withdrawals from investable assets and guaranteed income streams can provide the sustainable income needed.

New factors come into play during the distribution phase.  Sequence of returns on investments must be considered.  A market correction during the accumulation phase can be recovered in time but a correction during the distribution phase can derail a retirement income plan. 

While retirement is the end of the Accumulation journey, it is the beginning of a potentially long Distribute phase as life expectancy continues to increase. At Patriot Advisory Group our portfolios are designed to meet long-term cash flow needs based on investor risk tolerance. We think our focus on risk management, transparency, and consistent communication are critical elements in giving investors the peace of mind to stick with the plan.  With a proper plan in place, you can enjoy retirement and not worry about outliving retirement income.

Are you prepared for the retirement planning distribution phase?

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